Beta-lactam Ring wholesale terms: If you are interested in establishing a wholesale account, please contact us at Please provide the following information:

* Company Name
* Contact First and Last Name
* Contact Email Address
* Shipping Address
* Phone Number
* Website (if applicable)
* Preferred method of shipping (please include your shipping account number if you prefer using your own UPS, FedEx, etc. account)
* Preferred method of payment
* (References may also be requested prior to establishing a wholesale account)

Once we receive the above information we will contact you with the specific wholesale terms available for your company with information on how to order using our wholesale catalog.

General Wholesale Terms
* Prices are based on cash (ie 5 % discount).
* Minimum order of $100 required for wholesale pricing.
* If paying with Visa/Mastercard, American Express/Paypal we must add 5% to the wholesale amount. NO TERMS unless established prior to order, otherwise, the order amount and postage must be paid in advance. We will not make any exceptions to this so please do not ask us to do so.
* Returns may be approved for up to one year on exchange only, with a 5% restocking fee billed against all merchandise returned.
* No restock fee will be assessed for defective returns. Defective copies will be replaced with a new copy unless an item is sold out. A credit will be issued for any defective item no longer available. You must notify BlRR within 7 (seven) business days from receipt of any issues.

If you are a band or label and are wanting to sell your items on our site please contact us via email with a press release and wholesale price. Note: We mainly will only work on consignment terms (whatever is sold every 60 days we will send funds via check or paypal).

Contact us at:
POB 42444
Portland, OR 97242 USA
ph: 503.893.9834