Artist: Un Festin Sagital
Title: Kosmodynamos
Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records ART
Format: CD+CD/Record+CDr+Art
Catalog #: mt171art
Condition: new
Price: $40.00

Tracklist Samples
1 La procesion de la noche solar CD VERSION
2 A la Deriva. El Jardin de los Delirios
3 El Vuelo de la Medusa
4 Bajo un Sol Inclemente


New studio album by Un Festin Sagital as an edition of 20 numbered copies issued May 30, 2015 in a custom gatefold sleeve with a bonus CD/Record*, CDr plus original artwork by the band. *The CD/Record includes CD audio and audio playable with an included adapter to play on a turntable. The audio is a collaboration with UFS, James Hamilton and Armchair Migraine Journey. "Slowly the great ashen dynamo surges, spilling molten droplets of plasma and cosmic waste, each taking shape, coalescing into stars, planets, entire galaxies, drifting ever further away from the throbbing energy and boiling gasses that lie at the crux of all creation. A massive, disembodied heart that beats out a rhythm so impossibly slow - each pulse separated by an epoch, each quaver a thousand thousand lifetimes, burning and fuming with dark energies. This is power on an unimaginable scale, machinery vast and magnificent, spinning entire realities into existence. This is Kosmodynamos."

"This record is a translation of Un Festín Sagital circa 2011, when, lashed by a complete lack of resources and without a place that sheltered our previous psych rock effervescences, we had to please ourselves with the quest for subtle and blunt emotions: the universe spoke to us with concealed voices, we had to be quiet and listen, and thus the small explosions of new born galaxies reached our instruments in a pure resonance adventure, following the modesty and beauty that we think this record communicates. This record is also a huge expression of motion, spinning wheels like the stars pounding in the heart of the sidereal enigma, oceanic and telluric." (by Albert Parra, finished by Fernando Pinto)