Artist: Armchair Migraine Journey
Title: Rorschach Color Abstraction (blue)
Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records ART
Format: CD
Catalog #: mt279
Condition: new
Price: $25.00

Tracklist Samples
1 Rorschach Color Abstraction 1
2 Rorschach Color Abstraction 2
3 Rorschach Color Abstraction 3


No discounts. Available as an art edition of 125 numbered and signed copies each with an original Rorschach ink painting. Packaged in a full color custom bookbound gatefold sleeve and insert. This album is a collection of new and older works inspired by INA GRM related artists recorded between 2000 to 2013. File under musique-concrete, electroacoustic.  LP edition of 100 copies forthcoming.