Artist: Armchair Migraine Journey
Title: Transmit Mutation Drone
Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records
Format: Cassette
Catalog #: mt277a
Condition: new
Price: $10.00

Tracklist Samples
0 Transmit Mutation Drone (one)
0 Transmit Mutation Drone (two)


Edition of 50 numbered and signed copies. TMD (one) is an exclusive tape mix and is different than the forthcoming CD and LP editions. Available late November 2012. "Transmit. Mutation. Drone. One: Transmigration: done. Your call could not be completed. We will attempt reconnection. Transmutation of genetic code will soon be online again. Our agents are working to fulfill your orders. You may continue transmitting, though be warned: your signal may be transformed beyond recognition. You may experience dizziness and disorientation as you acclimate to the new medium. Armchair Migraine Journey can not be held responsible for lost luggage, missed connections or broken synapses. Hurry up now! The signal flows at a breakneck pace. Chop chop! Splice Splice! Don't be afraid of the space between the genomes. The eyes in the back of our heads will illuminate the passage. Nuclei erupted and chromosomes corrupted, it's a buzzsawed jigsaw of something nature never intended! It isn't pretty, but a re-scripted biological imperative screams: Get the message across before it's too late! Stop wallowing in primordial soup! Transmit! Mutation! Drone!

Transmit. Mutation. Drone. Two: The new limbs have been difficult to integrate and the birth canal has proven far too delicate for this new form. Additionally, the maternal host has displayed an unexpected reaction to sudden interference in telepathic signals. We must insure survival. Transmission must be completed, despite increased risk to the carrier. Initiate somatic response. Anesthetize the host and commence processing the signal. Engage dream sequence 11-B. Ensure the host's comfort. Complete phase cancellation will remove outward stimuli. Soothing images may distract the patient from any aural discomfort. Neurosurgical team on standby. The engineers have been briefed. Wait… wait… We have contact! The signal has awakened! Hurry! Complete the circuit! Transmit! Mutation! Drone!" Scot Solida