Artist: Un Festin Sagital
Title: Sic Deus Dilexit Mundum
Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records
Format: 2xCD
Catalog #: mt275
Condition: new
Price: $16.00

Tracklist Samples
1 El Niño Ateo
2 Nervios para una condena
3 La canción del Niño Ateo (nació, bailó y murió)
4 Sic Deus Dilexit Mundum
6 Madre Bestia (bonus album)
7 ¡No Hay Coristas! (bonus album)
8 Orvitaizargestemich (bonus album)
9 Niño Ateo (bonus album)
10 Devoci¢n (bonus album)
11 El Asesino del Sol (V1) (bonus album)


An edition of 400 copies. All copies from the label and artist will receive the bonus album "Muerte Solar" and the first 50 copies include a band made blood insert, all packaged in a custom made book bound gatefold sleeve with eye popping artwork by the one and only Jesse Peper. Rock in opposition to Rock In Opposition. Un Festin Sagital's formulae are Sagittarian with surprises. The dense, electro-motorik opening statement that SEEMS like it will be thematic, is eventually reneged upon by tiny sounds orbiting disembodied voices. A congregation of folk-psych and noise follows on in the tradition of anti-tradition, pronating on the side of a rather thrilling, ghostly top tenor performing expert vocal routines on the uneven bars. Upon the arrival the album's truest progressive gnostication, it becomes clear that, while beautiful with a little bit of a Crimson tide running through it, UFS prefers its musical limbs remain dislocated. This is especially evidenced by the final reverberating drone of floating on the far side of the galaxy at journey's end. Along with copper and unmanufactured ferro-alloy materials, UFS are one of Chile's finest exports.

Improvised, composed, recorded, reworked and mixed between 2007 and 2009, in Templo Sagital, Santiago, Zhile –
Conejo Verde (The Green Rabbit): The more stronger six gates of a lysergic apocalypse (most important electric guitars)
Aztharoth: More low whispers of life, the earth is murmuring their formless passion (electric bass)
Cinturon Negro (The Black Tide): Lucid madness of a tribal insanity (tenor sax)
Aranos: Violins from the crazier feast in human history, more strings for the puppet-god (double bass, viola, trumpet and violin), little touches of quiet wildness (percussions, included a gong)
Algotra: The insolent chaos of non rational life-sail (dissonant and sutile violins)
Pintocabezas: Analogue perversion of paradise and the lust of Buddha (analogue noises and sitar)
Fakuta: The nice daughter of god, is eve (sweet surrealistic voices)
Tara: Voices from a bestial dream
Thanatoloop: Sonic alchemy, sacred conception, digital screams of a horny saint, the acoustic distortion of six sacred gates, the piano of the hottest bar in hell, the voice of doG, the drums of the rite, some low vibrations of the underground, and disintegrated poetry (sound production, concept-composition, electric and acoustic guitar, violin, bass, keyboards, electronics, voices, percussion, lyrics and acoustic piano).
Mastered by Randall Frazier at Helmet Room. Artwork by Jesse Peper. Layout and design by chris.
Thanks to: Jesse Peper (this album from the mixing stage was inspired by his painting Sic Deus Dilexit Mundum), all the Beta-lactam Ring Records family (for support and inspiration), Gonzalo Diaz (for inspiration and lyrics), Javiera (for vital inspiration and visual act), big thanks to all in this Sagital incarnation... including you.


Bonus album:
Un Festin Sagital - LA MUERTE SOLAR
Madre Bestia
¡No Hay Coristas!
Orvitazargestemisch III
Niño Ateo II
El Asesino del Sol II

Line up:
Michel Leroy: Voice, Clean and Distorted Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Theremin, Radiowaves, Electro/acoustic Noises, Mix and Production
Conejo Verde: Electric Guitar and Voices
Fernando Pinto: Electric Bass and Voices
Ricardo Pérez: Drums, Percussion and Voices
Gonzalo Díaz: Percussion and Voice
Recorded by Paulo Rojas (live section) and Michel Leroy (studio section) Live section recorded live on SCD, Stgo, Chile, on summer 2008 Studio section recorded on Templo Sagital and FXS studio between 2007 and 2009.
The title is a tribute to surrealist poet, Gérard de Cortanze

Muerta Solar credits are:
La Madre Bestia
No Hay Coristas
Orvitazargestemish III
Niño Ateo II
El Asesino del Sol II

Recorded live at SCD, Santiago, 2009. Except track 6, recorded in Templo Sagital the same year.
Line up:
Ricardo Perez - Drums and Voice
Gonzalo Letelier - Percussion and Voice
Fernando Pinto - Electric Bass
Conejo Verde - Electric Guitar
Michel Leroy - Clean and Fuzzy Electroacoustic Guitar, First Voice, Noises and Mix
Randall Frazier - Mastering