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Beta-lactam Ring Records Podcast Sept 17, 2012

Brand new podcast featuring the following music:
Intro/segway/outro: Un Festin Sagital (Michel Leroy with flute by Constanza Lagos)
Un Festin Sagital "Nino Ateo (Live)" Muerta Solar 2CD
Un Festin Sagital "Devoción (Live) " Muerta Solar 2CD
Un Festin Sagital "Nino Ateo (Live)" Sic Deus Dilexit Mundum CD
Earthmonkey "Ramma Hamma" Pharmacy Fields CD/LP
Armchair Migraine Journey "See Beyond the Music (Part One)" See Beyond the Music LP
Nantural Snow Buildings "The Night Country" The Night CountryCD/DLP
Edward Ka-Spel "Looping '72" One Last Pose Before the Ruin CD/LP
Mnemosyne "The Air Grows Small Fingers" The Air Grows Small Fingers (Drone Compendium Three) LP
Un Festin Sagital "Epitafio a la permanencia" Epitafio a la permanencia CD