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Le stridor de l'escargot
Artist: Pepe Wismeer
Label: Equation Records
Format: LP + bonus CD
Catalogue Number: e=mc29
Status: in stock
Price: $25.00

This is a 1-off pressing of 100 copies on high-quality vinyl, printed labels AND an extra (free) CD-r E.P., with an original photographic insert (numbered by the artist). The LP itself has a special "DJ-confusion" cut (where... (More Info. Here)

Artist: Taming The Outback
Label: Equation Records
Format: CD
Catalogue Number: E=mc24
Status: in stock
Price: $10.00

Taming The Outback were a three-piece from Southend-on-Sea (Essex, UK) who were active from 1986 to 1989 (hence the title of this retrospective compilation). While they spent most of their time playing outside of the town itself and bemoaning the... (More Info. Here)