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Deciduous Flux
Artist: Deciduous Flux
Label: Self Released/Private Press
Format: CD
Catalogue Number: DF
Status: in stock
Price: $10.00

Features Edward Ka-Spel, Jesse Peper and Wesley Young. Ed. of 500 copies. Deciduous Flux began channeling energies through recordings early 2011 in Denver Colorado. It is the ongoing creative collaboration between Wesleyoung and Jesse Peper... (More Info. Here)

Artist: Demonologists
Label: Prison Tatt Records
Format: LP
Catalogue Number: prdemon
Status: in stock
Price: $20.00

Ed. of 100 numbered one sided LP. "Prison Tatt is proud to announce our latest release, from the Indiana-based horror-noise monolith Demonologists. This is quite seriously some of the finest material from the Cory / Dustin duo we've ever heard... (More Info. Here)