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Anthology 2 (1992-96)
Artist: Voice Of Eye
Label: Transgredient Records
Format: 2xCD
Catalogue Number: tr-08
Status: in stock
Price: $18.00

rare & unreleased tracks from the U.S. dark ethno/drone cult-project, all re-mastered by VOICE OF EYE themselves; you can find here: the famous "Sprocket" 7" for Drone Records (1994), the lost mCD for ND that was never released... (More Info. Here)

Planetary Bethlehem
Artist: Volcano the Bear
Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records
Format: LP
Catalogue Number: mt205
Status: in stock
Price: $15.00

New planetary compositions by the always genre defying cosmic collective that is Volcano the Bear. For this  journey, The Bear present reworkings / collages of material originally recorded in 1995/1996  performed by Nick Mott, Aaron Moore... (More Info. Here)