Artist: Negative Entropy
Title: City Open to the Nomad
Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records
Format: CD
Catalog #: mt012
Condition: new
Price: $5.00

Tracklist Samples
1 City Open to the Nomad
2 A Desert Realm of Rish
3 Electric Air
4 Phosphoric Water


Negative Entropy is a new collaboration between two well established sound artists Michael Prime & Geert Feytons. Michael Prime has a well established solo recording career with many solo releases (on labels such as RRRecords, Sonoris, Digital Narcis, Raft & his own Mycophile label), but has also worked with Organum, Jim O'Rourke & Morphogenesis. Geert Feytons has been involved with his own project Noise-maker's Fifes for about 15 years now with many releases to credit including sound works for theatrical & ballet pieces in Belgium, France & Italy. 'City Open to the Nomad' presents the duo with support from Daiske Suzuki (Sire Records, Organum) & Timo Van Luyk (Noise-maker's Fifes), creating extremely evocative experimental soundscapes. These four tracks were performed live at various music festivals & then taken into the studio for editing & remixing. Each track builds with minimal buzzing & beeping sounds & progresses to rich, organic & sonic pieces, centered around backing effects such as shortwave radio, tapes, improvised collages of sampled environmental sounds (most heavily treated beyond recognition) & acoustic & home made instruments being taken to the limit of use. The song titles, such as 'phosphoric water' & 'electric air' attest to the natural sounds utilized in these recordings. Not noise, but complex, textured soundscapes meant to tickle & entice ones tempanic membrane. At times bordering ambient, the songs can suddenly change to electro-acoustic sounds, bordering musique-concrete & back again to minimal/ambient creations. Maybe in comparison to the works of Philip Doray or the early pieces of Pierre Henry in how they sampled natural sounds that were later altered & processed to give a unique & creative look at how those sounds can be manipulated & changed to create a new soundtrack of life, sometimes sounding very harsh- but not noise! A beautiful disk of experimental/improvised electronic music.