Artist: Girlfriends
Title: Geert
Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records
Digital Download: Available Here
Catalog #: mt018
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Tracklist Samples
1 Barrie & Daphne
2 PP
3 Roef
4 3 bewegingen
5 Ennio


Features Erik Drost from the Legendary Pink Dots.
As if it weren't fun enough to say 'Geert' properly (which involves a sound best made when preparing to hawk a luggie, then machine gunned into a rolling 'R', the spit then effectively expelled upon the 'T'...yum!), this Dutch outfit (hailing from Nijmegen, whose pink dots, I have heard, are legendary!) truly celebrates a holiday for the improvisers. The instrumentation consists of guitar, drums & noise. How they choose to assemble these elements suggests what old school Can might sound like if Derek Bailey (or Sonny Sharrock) were their guitarist. Lots of open cosmos that gets filtered into noisey but compelling rhythmic excursions which then float back out to the fringes the galaxy. The prognosis is prog gnosis; occasionally beautiful instrumental lyricism which tends to become explosive. A powerfully focused improvisational ensemble, sure to annoy neighbours at any volume. Features Erik Drost from the Legendary Pink Dots.