Artist: Vas Deferens Organization
Title: Suspension
Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records
Format: LP
Catalog #: mt020
Condition: new
Price: $10.00

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Purveyors of Nth degree endgame hallucinogen fodder present a 38 minute freefall down the lysergic rabbit hole. On this, their second collaboration with Mssr. Christopher Moock and VDO & Co. cross-pollinate the poignant cyclical perambulations of Italian 70's cosmic rock avatars Pierrot Lunaire with the oppressive mechanistic dread of Leichenschrei-era SPK & the cheerfully ludicrous discontinuities of Faust's debut with the discombobulating dub grooves of the earliest African Head Charge. It's an elusive & unprecedented fever dream amalgam that'll suck the serotonin starved among you into a spiraling vortex with no escape hatch. Seasoned psychonauts are advised to take note. Quality vinyl pressing & a great cover. The first 50 packed with a special h&made insert by Eric, signed by all the b& members. The Sept. 2001 of the Alternative Press wrote, '9 out of 10 rating, ...concoct hallucinogenic soundscapes of alternately eerie & whimsical passages. A Robitussin-dream logic guides the LP, ensnaring the listener in a fucked-up matrix that will provoke laughter & tremors of fear.' Yes, yes it will!