Artist: Waldteufel
Title: Heimliches Deutschland Euro Box
Label: Rautmann Records
Format: Artwork
Catalog #: Waldteufel Euro Box
Condition: new
Price: $250.00


OFFERS ACCEPTED. Ed. of 15 copies in a handmade wooden box and DLP. Heimliches Deutschland features German neofolk from Markus Wolff (vocals) and Annabel Lee (violin), with assistance from Annabel's partner Michael Moynihan (Blood Axis) providing percussion, and B'eirth (In Gowan Ring) playing flute.

The songs and anthems - inspired by Germanic paganism - have a very organic and folkish feel and generally proceed at a fairly slow pace, imparting a ritual quality. The relaxed and essentially simple approach is nonetheless highly effective and evocative.

'Lichttreugweihe' has the quality of a very earnest hymn, but not in this case, a Christian one. 'Erminsul' has a positively amusing lilt (whether intended or not). 'Wotans Wilde Jagd' is a horn piece with a splendid baroque quality, while the tune of 'Bergandacht' has a peculiar resemblance to 'Danny Boy'! But my favourite is the instrumental 'Von Gaat und Ernte' which should certainly make the top ten on Summerisle!