Artist: george&caplin
Title: Things Past
Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records
Format: CD
Digital Download: Available Here
Catalog #: mt109a
Condition: new
Price: $10.00

Tracklist Samples
1 Outskirts of Combray
2 Things Past
3 Stationwagon Sleepingbag
4 Her Kleenex Laughter
5 Windowpane Rain
6 Meringue Memories
7 Fields Talk
8 Kickboard Anchor
9 Filmstrips Fade
10 Roaming
11 Earl Grey Day
12 Stolen Scone


george&caplin are like that oddly gorgeous bush growing in the backyard. No sooner does it seem that its sweet bloom has died back for the season, when suddenly a new sprout opens with a different series of miraculous colours. Viz, just this side of their last, Electronic Eulogy, g&c bloom with a whole new fragrance. Things Past is soooo things future. Another progressive electro masterpiece that strays beyond the borders of new wave revivalism and glitch-craft, yet, unselfconsciously  draws upon the most intriguing elements of both, arriving at its own, unique musical conclusion.

The bubbling switch hitting of an ancient Casio's hidden reverse pulses over sinewy guitar lines; the two voices braiding around each other, seemingly wanting to become one another. The reedy vocals accent the electro-pop minimalism with a sort of cold wave slant (though, with a bit more soul than, say, Portion Control). It would probably be more correct to align g&c with the likes of LPD than with League Of Nations as george&caplin have a prog/psych edge that makes their music something rather indefinable. Things Past's complex melodic beauty does not possess the foot stompin' immediacy of its predecessor. It's musical invention is no less powerful, however, placing it in hallowed halls alongside the great 'growers' of our times (see also the transition from Unknown Pleasures to Closer). Really, any G&C album should be listened to several times through in order to 'get it...' GET IT?! It is also highly recommended to see them live at the first opportunity as their concert interplay speaks volumes both to the group's musical mission and to the possibilities of creating an appealing and dynamic live electronic environment without merely hiding behind a lap-top. In fact, lap-tops have frequently been known to hide behind george&caplin!

Electronic Eulogy
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Electronic Eulogy
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Fate's First Lonely Night
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He Really Got Through To Advertising
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Things Past
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