Artist: Vas Deferens Organization
Title: Tilt?
Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records
Format: 10"
Catalog #: mt026
Condition: new
Price: $10.00

Tracklist Samples


Part 6 in the Lactamase series. Electronic meets Prog with an olive & twist of lime! How a person could pass up a record which includes a track entitled 'Taking Tranquilizer Mountain (By Sedative) ' is beyond me. But then again, not everyone can be special. VDO have been confounding listeners now for a number of years & this release is no less confounding than this sentence has become! It would appear that VDO were, in fact, mainlining a few old Eno ambient records in preparation for this journey. The three tracks here swirl subtley along, with the infusion of the occasional dervish whirling in. As (un)usual, however, VDO lead the listener down curious corridors only to push he/she into a sudden (& well deserved) vat of molasses. Ain't they sweet?! America's premiere merchants at the drug music bazaar return with a 20 minute plunge into a velveteen abyss of sultry psychoactivity. On 'Tilt?', Vas Deferens Organization roll out the red carpet for aspiring & studied psychonauts alike with their dissolute eulogy for & systematic exploration of the hallucinatory nocturnal terrain opened by Susperia-era Goblin, Heroes- era Bowie/Eno instrumentals, Tuxedomoon during their Joeboy project & Van Der Graaf Generator at the atmospheric end of their tether. Vas Deferens Organization hereby invites you to bask in their lurid, overripe netherworld; a place where the psychotic & psychotropic conspire to undermine your equilibrium & sanity. What more do you want?

Now taking all 12 coupons for the bonus 10"! Bonus 10" now available. All directions are in the final 10" with Coil on how, where & when to send the coupons to receive the 10\". The 13th & final release in the Lactamase 10\" series with new tracks from: EDWARD KA-SPEL, RICK REED, STIMULUS, ARANOS, MIROSLAW RAJKOWSKI, VAS DEFERENS ORGANIZATION, TROUM, CHARALAMBIDES, VOLCANO THE BEAR, NOISE-MAKER'S FIFES, WHITELODGE & COIL. Not for sale. One must collect all 12 coupons in the Lactamase series to obtain this release. Please do not ask if we will just sell one because we will not. This bonus 10" is a reward for those who ventured to collect all the records in the series. From June 2003 '...a subscription series of twelve 10" vinyl records by some of today's best & brightest underground, avant-garde & esoteric musical projects. The series has included some amazing releases from Edward Ka-Spel, Volcano the Bear & Tony Conrad, ...' -J. Dean