Artist: Horist, Bill & KK Null
Title: Interstellar Chemistry
Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records
Format: CD
Catalog #: mt037
Condition: new
Price: $15.00

Tracklist Samples
1 Circular Logic
2 Multi-dimensional Erosion
3 Variable Star
4 Luminous Lullaby
5 Go, No-Go Astronaut
6 From Elsewhere
7 Feast of Heathern
8 Pinebox
9 Algebra & Orbit
10 Gravitation
11 Terminal Zone
12 Dreaming Minerals


Ah, the flowers of romance. In this instance, as it turns out, Bill is Horistaculturalist to Null's garden of unearthly delights. Boom Shankar: Null plants the seed, Bill grows the seed, & we EAT the seed. What in Hell's name am I going on about? Well, it's like this: Null provided sonic source material which Horist then organised, manipulated & added on to. So what happened? Scrumptious musical confectionaries with surprise flavour centers! Much of it is like IDM with the boring removed. More deep & less bleep. The drum machinations pound out strains reminiscent of Ikue More (ala Death Praxis) or latter day Bruce Gilbert with a bit of controlled early Nurse With Wound wail thrown in as if this amalgamation were the soundtrack to an old Atari video game (see also Haruomi Hosono). & then comes the second track! Horists' guitar techniques are exciting, weird, rhythmic, Harry Partch-like (track 4 'Luminous Lullaby'), indescribable, explosive, ugly & beautiful. & just when it gets nuts, a melancholy paean to Boards Of Canada cuts through the noisy silt to round the experience out. Tietchensian insect jitters skitter throughout the tracks, no two of which can be said to be quite the same. & this is the wonder of the whole thing; Bill has crafted a cohesive statement out of all these musical explorations, which, in many ways, smells of the tectonics of 'OG' electro-experimental records of the early 80's & late 70's.