Artist: Mingo
Title: The Once And Future World
Label: Helmet Room Recordings
Catalog #: hr004
Condition: new
Price: $8.00

Tracklist Samples
1 Complex Refraction Excerpt
2 Hollow Ascension Excerpt


Beneath the layers of waking consciousness there is a swirling tide of intricate music that exists intermingling subconscious human thought with the songs of the stars. In this half-dream state, one can find Mingo's "The Once and Future World," a thickly-layered experience with swooning analogue textures and subtle rhythms. The listener is drawn into a deep, heady realm perfect for the inner-space explorer equipped with headphones, and the dim lighting suitable for a midnight foray into the realm of the planets. Many secret treasures lie glimmering, buried, awaiting discovery for the intrepid explorer.

About Mingo:

A drone-child growing up on Hearts of Space and Echoes, Mingo has been a long-time fan and listener of all things space. From the ambient stylings of Steve Roach to the calming half-sleep of Numina, Mingo takes his cues. Cosmic explorers be warned: Mingo delves deep into untrodden realms at the helm of a powerful array of vintage analogue synthesizers and modern machinery, guiding the listener through the vast labyrinth of the subconscious - the plane where reason tangles with lunacy. The first footsteps into this shadowed oblivion may both frighten and entice the listener to face the music and themselves. Close your eyes to the outside world and glide on the electronic current that Mingo commands.