Artist: Earthmonkey
Title: Drum Machine
Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records
Format: CD
Catalog #: mt068
Condition: new
Price: $10.00

Tracklist Samples
1 Varuna Swing
2 Hanu Mantra
3 Be That Charge


Special Cd ed. for the March 6, 2004 Record release party. Each CD will have an original print on the cover. No two the same. Limited to 700 copies in a full color CD case and full color insert.

3 song CD ep with the following tracks: Varana Swing, Hanumantra & Be That Charge

Earth "Scratch" Monkey? Pete Bog's studio may not exactly be a Black Ark, but it is certainly a Grey Henge. Just when we thought we had the guy pegged, he adds a drum machine, eshewing his class of '72 psych ministrations for a more tranced out electro-dub. You all like LSD, right? Well, the first part of Drum Machine is rather like a post script to Coil's "Love's Secret Domain" album. Thereafter, Monsieur Le Bog retrofits his rockets with Kraut engines and even coughs up a hummus flavoured punker. Even more surprises in store as Earthmonkey really puts the E in EP. You'll hear what we mean, or will you?