Artist: Volcano the Bear
Title: All the Paint I Can Breathe
Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records
Format: 10"
Digital Download: Available Here
Catalog #: mt059
Price: $0.00

Tracklist Samples
1 Woman Rise Out de Sand
2 Wee
3 Star Studded
4 Cast of Liars
5 Beach, each, preach, leech, teach,
6 is filled with fruit?
7 guess the birds
8 tremolondo
9 mincing the beetle
10 mercury soup
11 cockroaches
12 go fetch the water antony
13 realistic tic tac men


ONLY AVAILABLE AS A DIGITAL ALBUM DOWNLOAD. Gatefold sleeve, full color insert, audiophile vinyl & limited to 500 copies. All the tracks were culled from the earliest VTB tapes of 1996, recorded on 4 tracks & less.  The 7" features 'Yak Folk's Y'are' the very first VTB song recorded in 1995. 'Nothin' like a good huff of paint to start the day right! & there's no one like VTB to augment your daily dose of Dutch Boy. This 10" mini album presents some of VTB's very earliest recordings. The sessions seem to indicate that VTB enjoyed a particularly powerful vintage of Winsor-Newton cadmiums while recording. & for lack of VTB really repeating themselves, I can only paint an abstract portrait of the present opus. Their obsession with small sounds is in place & they already make for a crack improv ensemble, giving their pigment soaked inventions the kind of life that beckons many repeat listens. ATPICB is comprised in nearly equal parts of surrealist/dada sound sculptures & of minimal wave/prog canvases. Frequently sounding a bit like they are lurking in the rafters, I wish they'd come down & help paint my awful bathroom. The real beauty of VTB is their ability to be completely subtle & spacious & yet to also rock, after a fashion. No mere outtakes, this record is cogent & surprising & to be huffed as often as possible, except when operating heavy machinery.