Artist: Charalambides
Title: Ana/Kata
Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records
Format: 10"
Catalog #: mt029
Condition: new/promo
Price: $10.00

Tracklist Samples
1 Kata


Part 9 in the Lactamase series. The great sovereign state of Texas is great for a number of reasons; principally: beers, steers and Charalambides. Now if it's true what they say about quiet being the new loud 'n all, then this record is a screamer! Two long tracks that trade in the currency of stratosphere. The C-Bides have ever been purveyors of the sublime indescribable, but this release in particular sounds like the distant decayed echoes of supernovas. "Ana" rings out with phased vocals that dance within quartertones of eachother. This serves as an extended intro to the then spacious guitar double helixes which wrap and waver as if slowly swimming through plasma. This captures something of the aural space that Musique Concrete's "Bringing Up Baby" did, except that our C-Bides tread ever lightly with their annebriated walking noise lines (could they be the Leroy Vinegars of difficult music?). I've heard the term "moodcore" bandied about in relation to our fair Texans, but I prefer to think of this as "sinewcore" because of its dangling fleshy goodness. "Kata" continues exploring the sonic themes as promulgated in the first piece, sounding more and more like lost soundtrack material to a Maya Deren film. A smokey and subtle record that is audibly fragrant both in the early morning and in the deepest corner of night. While you are ill advised to mess with Texas, you will do very well to mess with this 10" as it shall surreally lull you into a great sovereign state of mind.