Artist: Beequeen
Title: Aughton - The Patient Books
Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records
Format: LP
Digital Download: Available Here
Catalog #: mt084
Price: $0.00

Tracklist Samples
0 book one - beginning
0 book one - beginning


DIGITAL ALBUM ONLY. NO PHYSICAL ALBUM AVAILABLE.  The queen of all honeys nourishes its hive with a sweet sustenance of archival sweetness. Aughton represents a cadre of organic drone/concrete pieces. Softly cavernous & compact compositions that occasionally become musical by suggestion only. It's a bit like being underwater while someone is playing loud church music out a car window as a train screeches by. It's that fugue state induced by the ever more apparent overtones of a nearby engine. It is quiet & disquieting. The several pieces together add up to something of a subtonal symphony, though the parts are quite distinct. A Great, steely & dark space-out, whose horse runs happily astride 80's Zoviet France or in some respects, Harry Bertoia. Be a queen.... listen to Beequeen!