Artist: Nurse With Wound/irr. app. (ext.)
Title: Angry Eelectric Finger 3
Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records
Format: LP
Catalog #: mt087a
Condition: new
Price: $18.00

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Thou had best be ready when the angry eelectric finger points to YOU! Fortunately, the 3 collaborators above stepped up to the challenged poking, resulting in each offering electric fingers of varying emotional levels ready to fist you in the ear. THUS SPAKE NURSE (& Xhol): The recipe began with our fearless leader, Steve Stapleton, cooking up some recordings & mixing in a few tablespoons of Xhol Caravan. He then sent this delicious sound casserole, one each, to Jim O'Rourke, Cyclobe & Irr.App.(Ext.) & asked that they bake said casseroles in their own sonic ovens. The 3 separate sound casseroles were then returned to the NWW kitchen where Chef Steve added just a dash of this & a pinch of that. Beta-lactam Ring now serves up these 3 piping hot dishes to you, the hungriest of hungry, hungry hippos.

Mute Bell Extinction Process: As the final finger in the fist, Irr.App(Ext.) de.emp.has.(ize) the musical aspect of the source material, instead punching it down to its more spacial, raw & cavernous aspects. The textural shifts are long & building. The fractured fallouts reduce everything to a quietly smoldering your devastated heart!

Original Material by NWW. Recorded 2001-2003. Manipulated, Disfigured, abused and beautified by 2003. Flute and sax by Hansi Fischer and Tim Belbe of Xhol Caravan. Completed Material mastered by Cyclobe at Strange Hotel. Apocalyptic guitar by David Tibet. Original material mastered by Denis Blackham. Cover Paintings by Babs Santini. Beautifully photographed by Neville B. Tough. This album is dedicated to Tim Belbe who passed away on August 8, 2004.