Artist: Death In June
Title: Braun Buch Zwei
Label: NER
Format: CD
Catalog #: badcd11/2
Condition: 13
Price: $16.00


This is an edition of the bonus CD accompanying the 20th Anniversary Stone Circle Edition of Brown Book issued in 2007. Rereleased in 2017 on NER Packaged in a jewelbox with brown tray. Tracks 1 to 7 : Remastered tracks from Brown Book. Tracks 8, 9 & 11 : From Abandon Tracks! 2005. Tracks 10 : From The Cathedral Of Tears CD compilation 1991. Tracks 12 & 13 : From To Drown A Rose 10" 1987 & The Corn Years CD compilation 1989. Track 14 : From 'Whiphand 6' logo version of 'The Cathedral Of Tears' CD compilation 1998. Track 14 is listed as "Brown Book" in booklet and as "Braun Buch Zwei" on folder. DEATH IN JUNE is Douglas P. All words and music by Douglas P. except 'We Are The Lust' section: Douglas P./Geoff Rushton