Artist: Ka-Spel, Edward/Armchair Migraine Journey
Title: Transmit Acoustique Abstraction Three
Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records ART
Format: CD
Catalog #: mt228a
Condition: new
Price: $35.00

Tracklist Samples
1 Infernal Machine (edit)
2 Strands That Bind (edit)


Issued Sept 15th to coincide with the N. American tour of The Legendary Pink Dots and Orbit Service. An edition of 111 copies available on the tour with 39 copies available via the label mail-order (first edition of 150). Packaged in a French Black six panel CD case. Two years in the works and finally seeing the light of day. “Infernal Machine” a collaboration with Edward Ka-Spel and Armchair Migraine Journey delves deep into a psychedelic swirl of sounds. “Strands that Bind”, a new track by AMJ dives slowly into a sea of ambient drones and passages and develops along its 24-minute journey into an almost metal machine music dirge. Armchair Migraine Journey and Orbit Service will be opening for The LPD in Portland, OR and Seattle, WA with possible more shows along the tour.

1. Edward Ka-Spel / Infernal Machine: Edward Ka-Spel - vocals, synth noodling AMJ - drones, synths, processing Ty Hodson - drums, vocoder, processing Mixed by AMJ and Ty Hodson

2. Armchair Migraine Journey / Strands That Bind: Ty Hodson - guitar, drums, synths, processing AMJ - synths, drones, theremin Randall Frazier - The Voice of …? Mixed by AMJ and Ty Hodson Includes deconstructed elements of ‘Magnetic Blood Drowning’ with Peat Bog (Earthmonkey) and Randall Frazier (Orbit Service)

'Infernal Machine' by Edward Ka-Spel, AMJ, Ty Hodson 'Strands That Bind' by Ty Hodson, AMJ

Mastered by Randall Frazier at Helmet Room

AMJ/777: artwork, design, layout

Thanks to Edward, Randall, Peat, Zoe, Prajna, Doug, Brennan, In memorium: Steven Stokes and The Record Gallery