Artist: Dustbombers
Title: s/t
Label: DGB
Format: LP
Digital Download: Available Here
Catalog #: DGB1
Condition: new
Price: $17.00

Tracklist Samples
1 Cambo
2 Ponies
3 Messiah
7 Shadows Tand all Trees


The recording and release of this record was a complete DIY affair; it was recorded and mixed at Erik and Petra’s studio in Wageningen by Petra Randewijk and is being released on our own DGB label. Our good friend and colleague Peter van Kalleveen offered to do the mastering. Artwork was provided by graphic designer Kasper Hempen. The songs on the record paint a clear picture of what Dustbombers are all about: loud, dark, noisy wave with a generous serving of psychedelica. Influences are: Distorted Pony, Savage Republic, Joy Division and Deception Bay. The lyrics are about not living in fear, and being okay with the way you are. “It’s definitely not a concept album, but hope and fear are recurring themes throughout the record”, according to Joost Reijnders. Dustbombers, founded 2012, are Erik Drost (Legendary Pink Dots, Girlfriends) and Joost Reijnders (Barbarella) So far, the band has released two digital EP’s: [DEMO] and Public Beta. Both are free for download on our Bandcamp page and the latter one was nominated for “Best EP 2015” by 3voor12/Gelderland.