Artist: Legendary Pink Dots
Title: Chemical Playschool 16 & 18
Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records ART
Format: 2xCD
Digital Download: Available Here
Catalog #: mt295
Condition: new
Price: $25.00


This is the same double CD included with the 4 X CD set of "Chemical Playschool 16, 18, 19 & 20" but 50 will be available from the pressing of 550. Packaged in a book bound gatefold CD sleeve. Artwork by Jesse Peper.
2014. The pesky creatures from the Chemical Playschool are inviting you into a strange oneiric labyrinth, one where wonders and a few nightmares await the daring sonic explorer. In many ways as brilliant and complex as its much longer predecessor (Chemical Playschool 11-12-13 from 2001), and in the end, perhaps even more powerful. It’s a haunting journey in the darker, sometimes uneasy and noisier zones of the Legendary Pink Dots’ tapestry, a sonic maze in which you're never quite sure what awaits you next, where soundscapes and songs meet and vocals blend with them organically into a whole. It’s a land where characters and narrators just appear out of thin air to catch you unaware with their strange stories as you turn a corner (or enter another dream zone) or else they slowly emerge from the dense, rich layers of the music as if perceived from the far end of an impossibly long corridor, only to melt away as your pass another door to find yourself… elsewhere again. A perfect balance is struck between the gentler melodic side of the Pink Dots and the adventurous textures and dreamscapes woven by Philip Knight and Edward Ka-Spel, in turn complex, aerial or sparse, the mysterious eerie guitar of Erik Drost and the sound wizardry of Raymond Steeg. A very successful collage of oft strange songs / spoken parts and soundscapes that flows perfectly and never loses its wind along the way, definitely among the stronger releases of the band in the last few years. Best enjoyed at night, a companion for waking dreams. Just be careful the mischievous creatures that triggered this voyage do not wake you up trapped in little Denise’s dolls’ house. - Dominic Audy