Artist: A Star Too Far
Title: Saucers Over Lincoln
Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records
Format: CD
Catalog #: mt168
Condition: new
Price: $20.00

Tracklist Samples
1 Vita Nova
2 World War 4
3 Don't Use My Eyes To See
4 Bahnhof Zoo
5 Damn Mirage
6 Why Lincoln?


Issued Nov 5, 2015 in a six panel dove white sleeve with numbered insert.
“Featuring a team-up between the Legendary Pink Dots and Randall Frazier of Orbit Service, this project's debut album is a dream come true for fans of experimental space rock. The otherworldly vibe of the Dots melds with Frazier's more electronic side, the album's mood shifting seamlessly from bittersweet wistfulness album opener “Vita Nova” sees distinctive Dots frontman Edward Ka-Spel delivering lyrics of longing over fuzzed out piano chord ambiance to post-industrial tension. “Don't Use My Eyes to See” with its looped static and blasts of shrapnel poetry and scrap metal reverb) and back again, often in the same track - the star-spanning loneliness of "World War 4" eventually gives way to crunchy bass loops and nervous sirens as the space between the stars becomes more oppressive. Fans of both projects' long careers will find lots to appreciate on this saucer-shaped journey through the terminal kaleidoscope, but there are hints of new postmodern elements, as well. Classic synth drones fall prey to intentional glitches and back-masking, and bits of tinny drum 'n' bass-inspired rhythm flicker underneath softly shimmering analog drones. Ka-Spel's and Frazier's vocals are as distinctive as ever, but it's the instrumentation and sound design that stars. Ka-Spel is a wonderful storyteller, but here he steps back just far enough to let you envision your own journey to this soundtrack of analog pulses and echoing loops. A star too far, perhaps, but you'll never forget the things you'll see on the trip out, even if you never find your way back home...” Matthew Johnson


“It all happened during a magical week in the month of April 2014. After a thoroughly enjoyable tour the previous Fall when Randall Frazier aka Orbit Service opened for The Legendary Pink Dots in all corners of North America. It felt like such a perfect match that The Dots wanted to repeat the experience in Europe. However, it's never smart to dive into a van for a tour immediately after stepping off a Transatlantic flight. Consequently Randall stayed with Edward Ka-Spel and family for 3 nights before hitting the road to Newcastle in the UK. That's when the recordings happened. The red light was locked on a permanent red and the Ka-Spel/Frazier team basically explored a new universe together. Hours of material emerged which were later edited, decorated with vocals by both singers and then sent to Pink Dots' Erik Drost and The Silverman for further contributions.”

Those responsible:
Randall Frazier: Keyboards, vocals, engineering
Edward Ka-Spel: Keyboards, vocals, editing, engineering
Erik Drost: guitars
The Silverman: Analogue and digital synthesis, devices