Artist: Protection
Title: The 10" EP
Label: Formlessness Press
Format: 10"
Catalog #: form001
Condition: new
Price: $14.00

Tracklist Samples
1 PopCycle
2 Jack Rabbit
3 Before I Was a Man


BlRR Recommended! "Now available is the limited-edition hand-numbered vinyl 10" EP from PROTECTION, a new experimental synthpop duo featuring myself and bandmate Sam Houston, recorded in New York and New Orleans. This debut EP features Little Annie (Coil, Current 93, Swans) on vocals for the track "Jack/Rabbit," which is also included remixed by Bruno Coviello (formerly of Light Asylum). It is limited to 250 copies (with digital downloads available)."

“Comparisons with Cold Cave, maybe, aren’t too wide off the mark but Protection can be set apart due to their relationship with Coil - and latterly Cyclobe - which worms its way into the six tracks of their debut. Protection’s synth-pop seeks influence from the queerness of Coil with a more downbeat take on eighties synth-pop. Aside from featuring the indomitable Little Annie, the alluring synth-pop sandwiched between esoteric musings and more club-oriented remixes, really there’s nothing to dislike about Protection’s debut release.” -- Compulsion Online
 “You’ll get hints of Joy Division or Depeche Mode...mutated into a much darker, weirder, experimental sound.” -- Soundblab

“Protection is a long-gestating synth duo consisting of New Orleans' Sam Houston and NYC's Daniel McKernan, the latter of whom has collaborated with both Coil and Cyclobe in the past. Given that pedigree, it is not surprising that this debut EP boasts a distinct Coil influence, but that nocturnal, hallucinatory thread is wonderfully bolstered by both a knack for strong hooks and a guest appearance by the always charismatic Little Annie. "I Worry If You're Warm" sounds like the best song Cold Cave never wrote...or maybe even Depeche Mode. In any case, Protection manage to deliver an absolutely perfect, haunted-sounding synthpop gem that is every bit as hooky and flawlessly crafted as Depeche Mode's best work, but with more gravity, intelligence, and complexity.” -- Brainwashed