Artist: Orbit Service
Title: A Calm Note from the West (Tour Art Edition)
Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records
Format: CD
Digital Download: Available Here
Catalog #: mt265tour
Condition: new
Price: $15.00


Limited Tour edition with handpainted covers, original handwritten lyric sheet, original insert and hand numbered. Available on the Orbit Service tour with The Legendary Pink Dots. Service's return orbit finds them in an acid folk state of mind. They softly churn out cosmic tones that bore directly into the right brain, eliciting a bright reign of psychedelic sprites. Their mystical leanings steer them close to the likes of Sol Invictus, but OS zigs where neo folk zags, giving them a sonic momentum that leads to a much outer part of outer space. This beautifully crafted set smells like moist earth covered in leaves. Orbit Service's mining of ever deeper moods has yielded a subtle treasure that glows like distant sun.