Artist: Menche, Daniel / Preston, Joe
Title: Cerberic Doxology
Label: Anthem Records
Format: CD + DVD
Catalog #: ardm
Condition: new
Price: $12.00


A single piece statement from Joe Preston and Daniel Menche, and an epic tome carved from some form of primordial stone. As an album containing a regular CD audio side in addition to a DVD audio/video side, this release breathes life musically and visually on three different planes of existence. First, as a 25 minute audio recording, which is born of a vocal chant evocation from both Joe and Daniel, of which layers expand, contract, and weave within each other in an otherworldly, mysterious dronescape, in a way that feels like a moment of mystical/mythical creation akin to Gyorgy Ligeti’s introduction to the monolith, in the film 2001 (or Ash Williams' mispronunciation of the Necronomicon and it’s results, if you prefer); second (on side 2 of this CD/DVD dualdisc), as DVD audio, specifically mastered for this intent, which enables the absolute full range of the recordings high and lows to be acutely present, thus expanding an already head shrinking experience; and third, as the DVD audio with a full length video, culled from footage of the mysterious landscape of the Pacific Northwest, exibiting its terrain, vocanic activity and atmospheric disturbances, from obscure locations throughout the region, in addition of footage of Sam Hill's Stonehenge memorial located in Southeastern Washington State. These visuals, combined with the unusually forceful sublteties of the audio makes this an experience to behold a multitude of occasions, with different effect, depending on one's mindframe.