Artist: Ekul B.
Title: Sandpaper Lullaby w. Armchair Migraine Journey)
Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records
Format: LP
Catalog #: mt247a
Condition: new
Price: $50.00

Tracklist Samples
0 Lullaby (scratches)
0 Sandpaper (blank/no scratches)
0 Lullaby (blank/no scratches/o)
0 Sandpaper (scratches)


An edition of 60 with black and white art in a black sleeve with a mylar gatefold cover and 30 with color art in a single chipboard sleeve, numbered and signed.  (We have only 45 b/w and 20 color LP's available for sale.) Music by Ekül B. and Armchair Migraine Journey.  You can view all the paintings here: Sandpaper Lullaby. Finally, a record that doesn't sound the same. Not even the same AS ITSELF. Seem impossible? That's because it is! Ekül B's new release utilizes a special Sand-O-Tech process that virtually insures that no two records will sound alike. To get the record out, it has to pass across the NASA-designed "sand heads," which miraculously force extra sounds onto your record EVERY TIME YOU PULL IT OUT OR SLIDE IT IN!!!! It's the first non-Air Supply record that actually improves AS ITS CONDITION WORSENS!!!!!! So, sit back and look at your one of a kind, HAND MADE FUMAGE COVER (no second hand smoke danger unless consumed), pull the record out, listen to it with maybe not your best needle, put it back, look back at your one of a kind, HAND MADE FUMAGE COVER, pull the record out again, put it on again with maybe not your best needle, AND IT'S LIKE A WHOLE NEW RECORD! Repeat as needed. It is numbered, so you will feel the exhilaration of collectability send a chill up your spine AS IF YOU WERE BEING RAPED BY A GHOST, without the risk of any ghosts. Just let that snap, crackle and pop fill your ears, while smoke gets in your eyes. AND THANKS!!!!

Side A: Sandpaper Side B: Lullaby All artwork by EKÜL B. / Luke Buser Lullaby drones by EKÜL B. and Armchair Migraine Journey Mixed by EKÜL B and AMJ Thanks to: Else Teicher, Jeff Kulluson, Chris McBeth