Artist: Lord Time
Title: Forgotten Future
Label: Prison Tatt Records
Format: LP
Catalog #: prilong
Condition: new
Price: $20.00

Tracklist Samples
1 Forgotten Future


Ed. of 200 copies. "Brief, thunderous bursts of black-metal energy; intense, fast, mighty songs, rode by Lord Time's wicked-as-a-necromancer vocals, and each separated by a creepy instrumental interlude. A wild, one-sided black metal suite! This is a reissue and remaster for vinyl of the very-limited 2010 FF cassette on UC. Comes with a handsome letterpress insert, and labels, both thumb-printed, spattered and dripping with Lord Time's own blood! Silkscreened, folded-sleeve insert by the artist, printed @ Seizure Palace. Packaged finally in a heavy poly bag. A peerless item, great music, and a steal at any price. Co-release with Universal Consciousness, 200 pressed."