Artist: Demonologists
Title: Demonologists
Label: Prison Tatt Records
Format: LP
Catalog #: prdemon
Condition: mint
Price: $20.00

Tracklist Samples
1 Crystal Fangs
2 The Madness Reader


Ed. of 100 numbered one sided LP. "Prison Tatt is proud to announce our latest release, from the Indiana-based horror-noise monolith Demonologists. This is quite seriously some of the finest material from the Cory / Dustin duo we've ever heard. These pieces step back a bit from the density and sheer-harsh onslaught of earlier releases, to reveal an even-more-layered, dynamic texture that wraps your head in white, woven gauze—a psychic dungeon of swirling sound, as nightmare-sonic or more so than any Demonologists release you could name. Sheets of digital steel cover a rain-soaked landscape, trapped souls seem to moan and cry in the distance, and the bell tolls for thee. Here at PT (where we know the Demonologists discography well), we are honored and feel fortunate to release these landmark tracks by this ever-evolving, hard-sound project. Cover photo by Cory of Demonologists; awesome silkscreen photo-reproduction sleeves by Seizure Palace. 100 copies pressed; comes with matte-black inner sleeves and one of our stickers."