Artist: Thanatoloop
Title: Mar Ebrio
Label: Via Injection
Format: CD
Catalog #: viathanta
Condition: new
Price: $8.00

Tracklist Samples
1 Dios Muerte
2 Mar Ebrio / La Boca de la Vida
3 La Boca de la Muerte


Ed. of 200 copies. After a handful of virtually unheard of self-releases over the last 15 years, Thanatoloop has granted us the opportunity to release his newest collection of aural madness. Michel Leroy, also the front man of both Un Festín Sagital (Beta-lactam Ring Records) and Pétalo Bisturí (Templo Sagital), has been an active contributor to Santiago's outsider music scene. Having performed with artists like Edward Ka-Spel and The Silverman of The Legendary Pink Dots, it is absurd that his own work has reached so few ears. Although all of his projects span so much in style, aesthetic, and attitude, Thanatoloop is his personal project to take neurotic indulgence to the highest levels in a way that most modern psychedelic music is too timid to even try. "Mar Ebrio" CD Full of synthesizes, guitars, assorted percussion, and even theremin, "Mar Ebrio" is all over the fucking place. In just 30 minutes it spans from dark ambient trances to full-fledged avant-sensationalism and from grungy moans and Spanish grumbles to beautifully arranged operatic vocal segments. Almost more reminiscent of arthouse cinema, these three tracks will grab at your unwilling attention. So just give it to them.