Artist: Chanting Sheep
Title: Titanium and anthracyte
Label: Hotel Encore
Format: CD
Catalog #: enco11
Condition: new
Price: $10.00

Tracklist Samples
1 Alien day
2 Waiting for rain
3 Hugo Distler
4 In the spring
5 Norrahammar
6 Z connection
7 87.50 FM
8 Lights out!
9 Wheat and barley
10 World doesn't work without words


CHANTING SHEEP are Lars Tängmark (Sweden) and Thorsten Wald (Germany) and since more than 7 years these two sound artists are tracing the tracks for answers. Like a river that offers a voyage of discovery. TITANIUM AND ANTHRACYTE is the result of a musical co-operation via the internet. Both artists are influenced by groups like The Legendary Pink Dots and their scope of creativity ranges from gothic to industrial to ambient to songwriter-folk, but you can also find Oldfield-like moments on this album... Really nothing is unimportant.