Artist: Seven that Spells
Title: It Came From The Planet Of Love
Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records
Format: LP
Catalog #: mt256
Condition: new
Price: $25.00

Tracklist Samples
1 Side A (excerpt)
2 Side B (excerpt)


Edition of 125 numbered copies in a custom hand printed and hand assembled art sleeve. One time pressing only on 180 gram vinyl. Rock and Love! It Came From The Planet Of Love – the second official release by SEVEN THAT SPELLS featuring a renewed line-up of Mario Peretic (drums), Turtko Dujmovic (bass), Igor Potocnjak (synthesizer), and a mastermind behind this psychedelic commune Niko Potocnjak (guitar). Turning the volume on, open your mind and think of the following: “Rock music reinvents itself by curving and bending the time – space continuum. Our brains are quantum waves just as the sound is a cosmic wave. Musicians are transmitters not artists. Instruments are receivers not tools. To live is to die is to live on the planet of love.”
"There are two long tracks on this lp... The first one, over 20 minutes long track starts in a laid back manner and slowly grows with humming cymbals. At the two and a half minute marker the rhythm joins in and begins a heavy acid rock jam. The space sounds that were introduced already on the previous album are again there to gibe the music an extraterrestrial feel. There plenty of time for all kinds of things to happen in a track this long, of course. Amazing stuff! The other track starts in an easy mood, too, but then it explodes into merciless freak out rocking. In the middle there is some more peaceful jamming. The track fades out at about 13 minutes, and after that there comes about five minutes of minimal hiss and drone. This is pretty strong album, as well, and worth buying if you’re into Acid Mother Temple styled improvised acid rock with some remnants of the 60’s and 70’s." – by Astro of PSYCHOTROPIC ZONE (Finland)
"Just when I've put in this baby the trip started... straight in the brain with fuzzed out guitars, mindblowing solos, great drumming and weird noises. Let's say this CD is a big jam with a lot of nice moments that'll help you to reach a deeper high. Well done and psychedelic fans all over the planet should check out these guys... only god knows on what stuff they're. (Rating: 1+ = OVER THE TOP)" – by RB of DAREDEVIL MAGAZINE (Germany)
"The band is getting more and more intense with each release." – by Scott Heller of AURAL INNOVATIONS (USA)