Artist: Morritt, Eric
Title: Dada inspired works by Eric Morritt
Label: No Label/Private Press
Format: LP
Catalog #: dadalp
Condition: new
Price: $50.00

Tracklist Samples
1 Red Tape
2 Monotar !
3 Clouds
4 Waltz of hte Two Drunken Cellos and Stone Bass
5 Arguement
6 Der Visionar
7 Bach in the Body Shop
8 Hungover Monday
8 Hungover Monday
9 Metro Mob Migration
10 After Lunch Lethargy
11 Bedtime At Last !
12 Flight
13 Nest
14 Raid


Private Press album of very, very few copies made. Recommended! Works from 1980's. Originally from Baltimore, MD, Eric Morritt studied traditional composition and idiomatic construction methods with Dr. Joan Orvis, and synthesis, sequencing and electronic composition with Dr. Rosemary Clarke at the University of Wisconsin. He has attended lectures given by Barney Childs and other active composers of the late 20th century. His compositional influences are not limited to musical sources, but include forms, structures and ideas from other artforms and artistic movements.