Artist: Teicher, Else
Title: Whored
Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records
Format: CD
Catalog #: mt167
Condition: new
Price: $8.00

Tracklist Samples
1 What An Idea Is
2 Near Dead Pachycephalosaurid on I-75
3 The Secret Meaning Of Stuff
4 Witch I Lost
5 Kathode
6 Virginie, Not Ginny
7 (Staring At) A Glow-In-The-Dark Thing
8 Horde
9 A Mad Vet Follows You


Ed. of 300 numbered copies with the first 40 including very special art inserts by the band. Bitter/sweet Else (both E’s pronounced) appears to have been spat a tuberculin progeria princess from Der Himmel Uber Berlin. She has been fiendishly haunting sonic neithers for the past 20 years with a number of small run cassette and CDR releases and, for a time, as half of Romulus & Remus. “Whored” weds composerly and DIY elements into an experimentally corroded pastiche of pseudo-noise and sub-psychedelia. Her oddly wrought opuses are musical, yet remain damaged enough that they occupy a space that is not quite “tuneful.” The smaller Rainy Day Women pieces sew blown out loops into exquisite corpses of overdriven drone and pulse. The seething, long form “Horde” forms up slowly and steadily like an ever massing din of doom cascading over a distant horizon, eventually filling it. The mournful yet rising Kathode rumbles through like a requiem mass of organ and decaying electronics. Else’s beautiful noise resides somewhere betwixt the primitivism of early Zoviet France and shameless weirdness of early Severed Heads. Even in her reign of misappropriated instrumentation she avoids an improvisational sound. Her compositions have shape and direction. The wrongs sound strong. So click your heels and raise a baeren-jaeger Prost for the mysterious she-teuton and the Pferd she rode in on. In these hinterlands, broken is spoken.