Artist: Nurse With Wound
Title: Space Music
Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records
Format: CD
Catalog #: mt080b
Condition: new
Price: $15.00

Tracklist Samples
1 Space Music
2 Space Music
3 Space Music


Available in a deluxe custom designed book bound gatefold sleeve. Tears for spheres. Be warned: the sounds you are hearing are NOT marmots eating your tweeters, though you are best advised to apply volume lightly at first. Stapleton’s astral weeks have been spent distilling sounds into sipping moonshine. LITERAL moonshine. After a viscerally present launch cycle, the Voyager Nurse Module is designed to be piloted by the out-of-body listener. With Lilith-like subtlety, the concrete powered craft makes its way ever closer to the edge of the galaxy. Which one? Who knows? Whichever it is, Vaclav Helhybel (Outer Space: Music) and Frank Perry (Deep Peace) are there, waiting to celebrate the space escapade with chilled cocktails and green friends.