Artist: Apse
Title: Eras
Label: Equation Records
Format: LP
Catalog #: E=mc19
Condition: new
Price: $10.00

Tracklist Samples
1 ark
2 salt of the earth
3 the gloom


BlRR Recommended! Ed. of 425 copies vinyl only - we have yellow and black copies available. First orders for the LP will receive the yellow version. All Tomorrow's Parties recording artists Apse have produced an unofficial follow up to their critically-acclaimed debut album Spirit (Acuarela 2006 / All Tomorrow's Parties 2008).
 A work recorded and produced entirely at home between the months of January and August 2007, Equation Records proudly presents Eras - an exclusively vinyl-only release limited to 425 copies.
 While maintaining common threads with its predecessor, Eras is a highly sophisticated, wildly versatile and strikingly mysterious affair — delving much deeper into the genre-splicing and marching-to-the-beat-of-its-own drum that the band has always been revered for. Each listen encourages a deeper investigation as the album embodies a comprehensive selection of multi-faceted material culled from a larger body of work — blended into a record that can truthfully merit the commonly misplaced maxim: 'a genre all its own'.
As the band prepares its official follow-up to Spirit, to be released on ATP/R this summer, Eras functions as the fabric between the two. Finished in August of 2007 and set on the shelf for 18 months, Eras is an artifact all its own.
Equation Records have spent a fair amount of resource in the production of a new LP Eras (E=mc19) by Apse, packing it in a luxury gatefold sleeve with glossy inner bag, while vinyl is the coveted 180gm pressing…yet only 425 numbered copies will be available to buying public later this month. Espying cover photographs of landscapes, aerial views of mountains, skies and lakes, put me in mind of Isis, Pelican and other American contemporary avant-rock units who have deployed similar cover imagery, perhaps intending to align their grandiose, sweeping sonic aspirations with the grandeur of the imposing geography found within their homeland. Apse (from New England) aren’t too far away from that particular vibe, and their heavy guitar, drum and synth based sound has much appeal – a kind of rock-orchestrated, well-produced and bottom-heavy concoction that is a suitable 21st-century update on the heavy doomy prog of King Crimson or Andromeda. Similarly ponderous sentiments might be found in some of the lyrics, which betoken a world-weary mind groaning under the weight of many complex problems – the symbol-laden texts allude to stars shining black, a black avalanche in reverse, and the heartbeat of a ghost. However, the lyrics are scant and the songs are few - it’s the music that dominates, and Apse (active since 1999) seem to have mastered a particularly tight and solemn mode of playing whose distinctiveness is enhanced by imaginative production methods – particularly in the treatment of the singing voices, which have been masked out of all proportion and their humanity transformed into an unearthly disembodied squeal. Guitarist/vocalist/writer Robert Toher is the frontman, but I’m also intrigued by the work of Ezer Lichtenstein, who provides the short and spooky instrumental vignettes which lurk between the song-based cuts.