Artist: Ka-Spel, Edward
Title: Dream Logik Part Two
Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records
Format: 3xCD
Catalog #: mt2132CD
Condition: new
Price: $40.00

Tracklist Samples
1 As a Bird / A Missing Piece
2 Darkness O
3 The Modest Ambitions of Cedric the Centipede
4 Under the Junction
5 Going My Way?
6 New Fool's Moon / The Closet
7 My Wandering Star / As a Bird (part 2)


A deluxe 10 panel book bound case, numbered insert  and two bonus CD's "Burning Church (Version Hot) and "Dream Logik X". Continuing off from "Dream Logik Part One", "DL2" reaches further into outer space. Eyes flutter open from their deeply entrenched nocturnes only to question the truth of the new haze before them. “Dream Logik Part Two”, like its predecessor, is a beautiful blurring of colours that weaves in and out of consciousness. Dark electronics etch out concrete foundations to a skyline of melodious transmissions from Planet Ka-Spel. Hither and non are sprinkled classic Edwardian song-forms, but anything approaching convention is lovingly broached within or followed quickly thereupon by a viscous miasma of electro-acoustics, field recordings, drones, cavernous yawns, hiss, feedback, loops, near-silence and other fractured attacks and decays. These sonic disturbances are conducted like an enormous lysergic philharmonic whose bizarre expertise and precision is utterly captivating. New found voices sneak out with each pass; while those angelically anchored song-forms slowly but surely rouse the soul to a somnambulant waltz. Cum on, feel the noize!