Artist: Seven that Spells
Title: My Mommy Wants To Kiss Your Mamma
Label: RAIG
Catalog #: ro12
Condition: new
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" The SEVEN THAT SPELLS’ first full-length album, My Mommy Wants To Kiss Your Mamma is a high-intensity, brain-damaged, extreme-instrumental psychedelic freakout. With a marching chime wrapping up a wonderfully unpredictable performance, the music trips out in a strong fashion shifting between obscured space-drones and heavy stone-assaults to elegant guitar filigrees and acid-washed jammings. The tracks segue into each other almost seamlessly, as if they were movements in a single piece, and carry one on a journey so far-fetched and free-spreading, the passenger shall be hard-pressed to catch what happened by the album’s conclusion. The line-up features Stjepan Jurekovic on drums, Tomislav Kalousek on bass, Hrvoje Niksic on synthesizer, and guitarist and leader Niko Potocnjak. The band is at its peak right now, taking their music to new spaces and dimensions, and should be paid careful attention to. PRESS CLIPS "7 that Spells is back with another full on psychedelic rock attack. The band have stepped things up here and eaten a few tabs of Acid Mothers Temple but the core feeling is the same in this instrumental acid rock. The addition of synthesizer on a few tracks makes things a bit more spaced but Niko's guitar playing is still super psyched! (5 out of 5)" – by Scott Heller of LOW CUT MAGAZINE (Denmark) (October 2005). "Some of the tracks are more Acid Mothers Temple than AMT, with a fantastic guitarist who goes acid apeshit a la Kawabata Makoto. On other tracks the band are similar but in a completely spaced out early 70's cosmic Krautrock jamming style. Really hot stuff!" – by Jerry Kranitz of AURAL INNOVATIONS (USA) (December 2005). "To get a basic idea on what the band sounds like, take equal parts of Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd with a Jimi Hendrix style guitar playing combined with instrumental stylings of the more recent band, Ozric Tentacles to name a few. The whole album is a frenzied experience that has some aimless meanderings at times but overall the music is top-notch quality." – by Ron Fuchs of PROGNAUT (USA) (January 2006). "-label press