Artist: Nurse With Wound
Title: Images/Zero Mix (Deluxe Ed.)
Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records
Format: Printed: Book+2CD
Catalog #: mt103 Deluxe
Condition: new
Price: $125.00

Tracklist Samples
1 Part one
2 Part two
3 Part three
4 Requital for Lady Day


No Discounts! Deluxe Edition (220 page hard bound book with full color dust jacket, the album “Zero Mix” plus the bonus album “Requital for Lady Day” packaged in full color heavy book bound cases, numbered and signed insert by S. Stapleton and all presented in an embossed hard-bound box, limited to 400 copies). Easily the most deluxe release on BlRR to date. All available late March 2008. The hardbound book features paintings created to celebrate the release of the albums "Angry Eelectric Finger". The book also includes the album "Zero Mix" which was the base material presented to Jim O'Rourke, Cyclobe and irr. app. (ext.) for remixing and deconstructing.  Released in an edition of 1500 copies featuring full color images and a matte and gloss spot coating, plus full color dust jacket. Thou had best be ready when the angry eelectric finger points to YOU! THUS SPAKE NURSE (& Xhol): The recipe began with our fearless leader, Steve Stapleton, cooking up some recordings & mixing in a few tablespoons of Xhol Caravan. Beta-lactam Ring now serves up this piping hot dish to you, the hungriest of hungry, hungry hippos. In addition, Chef Steve painted 100 individually hand painted discs to celebrate the release of the three album set “Angry Eelectric Finger”. The paint and vinyl was salvaged from the local landfill site at Inagh, County Clare, Ireland and recycled here in Cooloorta during September and November 2004. The paintings were displayed in Galway, Ireland and Portland, Oregon before being offered for sale. All the paintings are now presented here in a deluxe hardbound book with full color images and a spot gloss coating. Released in an edition of 1500 copies with the album “Zero Mix”.