Artist: Volcano the Bear
Title: Amidst the Noise and Twigs
Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records
Format: CD
Catalog #: mt204a
Condition: new
Price: $15.00

Tracklist Samples
1 the sting of haste
2 before we came to this religion
3 larslovesnicks farm
4 burnt seer
5 cassettes of berlin
6 splendid goose
7 she vang moon
8 one hundred years of infamy
9 the three twins


The first 1000 copies are packaged in a full color book bound case with an eight page booklet. Volcano The Bear "Amidst The Noise And Twigs" is the follow up to the critically acclaimed "Classic Erasmus Fusion" album. Who knew that amidst the noise and the twigs there was music…sweet, sweet music?! This world is Volcano the Bear’s womb. At last, the year that VTB gets a shot at Top Of The Pops, assuming the pops finally snaps out of its vapid trance and embraces the standards of Comus, 3 Hurel, early Residents and 12th century Arabo-Andalusian music. As usual, our heroes are found keeping things stripped to the bone trumpet, but dripping with a juicy, melodic marrow. The record pours slowly and resolutely like a folk-psych dream urn, loaded with full metal banjoes; crumhorns at 12 O’clock; and autoharps at defcon 5. The experimentalism is this time couched in shifting tides of self-spun acidic harvest ballads that noisily well up into proto-Kraut thrums and tribal night trips around the pyre. A rural, squelchy, DIY delicacy which stinks of occidental embouchure so crystal crisp that every skkrrrr, pphaaapph and brrruuuummmm resonates like a small, sound-specific god, intertwined with beautifully skewed notes, voices and rhythms. "Amidst The Noise And Twigs" plays like a recently discovered field recording of some obscured Celtic clan who accidentally stumbled onto psychedelia 600 years ahead of its time. These pipers truly rock the gates of dawn.

Volcano the Bear Euro tour dates:
october 4th - paris, pompidou centre - 8.30 pm


09/11 - germany - bremen - horzu festival
10/11 - germany - hamburg - rote flora
11/11 - poland - wroclaw - industrial art festival
12/11 - germany - berlin - belleville store
14/11 - denmark - copenhagen - huset in magstraede
15/11 - sweden - stockholm - kafe 44
17/11 - finland - helsinki - potlach/avanto festival
18/11 - latvia - riga - pulkvedis
21/11 - austria - vienna - rhiz
24/11 - italy - ivrea - musiche possibilli festival
29/11 - germany - cologne - stadtgarten reconstructing music festival
30/11 - belgium - gent - pauze festival
01/12 - holland - rotterdam - worm
02/12 - france - paris - instants chavires
04/12 - france - marseille - grim
05/12 - france - lyon - grrrrnd zero 06/12 - switzerland - geneva - l'ecurie
07/12 - switzerland - st. gallen - palace
08/12 - switzerland - dudingen - bad bonn fr katz festival
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