Artist: Bender, John
Title: Pop Surgery
Label: Record Sluts
Format: LP
Catalog #: PCLP
Condition: vg++/vg++
Price: $300.00


OFFERS ACCEPTED. In the early eighties, John Bender did three albums of minimal lo-fi electronics with vocals *** these are his second nd third album2, from 1981 and 1982 respectively, on Record Sluts (RS 003-RS004) and many self released cassette tapes and a double LP grey area compiling many of the best parts from the cassettes and then he suddenly disappeared. Rumor has it that he became a gay adult film star and faded into the sunset.... What he left behind were several albums of pure brilliance. Fans of Edward Ka-Spel will highly love these recordings.
A change in style (more experimental), better sound quality as well, but still very Bender and a brilliant album. In its professionaly printed fold out sleeve, it looks almost like a release by a major, but on the back it reads: Record Sluts 004. Absolutely winning, home-brewed experimental electronic pop, presented in impeccable, homemade fashion!References: Ike Yard, Food and Shelter, Men/Eject, Charles De Goal, Nurse With Wound, United Dairies, Pinakotheca, Vanity Records.