Artist: Bender, John
Title: Plaster Falling
Label: Record Sluts
Format: LP
Catalog #: PCLP
Condition: vg++/vg++
Price: $300.00


OFFERS ACCEPTED. In the early eighties, John Bender did three albums of minimal lo-fi electronics with vocals *** these are his second nd third album2, from 1981 and 1982 respectively, on Record Sluts (RS 003-RS004) and many self released cassette tapes and a double LP grey area compiling many of the best parts from the cassettes and then he suddenly disappeared. Rumor has it that he became a gay adult film star and faded into the sunset.... What he left behind were several albums of pure brilliance. Fans of Edward Ka-Spel will highly love these recordings.
In a plain white sleeve, with a handwriting on the back stating this was Record Sluts 003, Plaster Falling by John Bender.The album sleeve was covered in plaster and you had to cut the sleeve open to get the record out. Also makes an appearance in the Broken Music book.