Artist: Fear Falls Burning
Title: I'm One of Those Monsters Numb ...
Label: Equation Records
Format: LP
Catalog #: eq14
Condition: new
Price: $25.00

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I'm One Of Those Monsters Numb With Grace (great title!) consists of two side long epics, the first, begins as a crumbling rock riff, looped into oblivion, repeating and repeating as it gets less and less distinct, beneath a sky filled with gauzy high end streaks of soft melodic shimmer. The track builds and builds, but not into the seemingly requisite huge explosively sludgy 'chorus', more of a glistening thick drone, a dense assemblage of layer upon layer of guitar, multiple melodies all tangled up, everything churning and squirming and growing in density and intensity more than volume. The second side opens up with a soft minimal shimmer, tranquil and so dreamy, eventually working itself up into a completely (and impossibly) catchy hiccuping stutter, a sort of Spacemen 3 style minimal psych rock jam, but with a main riff that could almost be nothing more than a skipping cd player. It actually sounds like our favorite part of our favorite Teenage Filmstars song ("Teenage Graffiti") with it's fucked up skipping backwards production stretched out into a whole song. So amazing!!! This is a super limited vinyl only release, LIMITED TO 399 COPIES! Packaged in a breathtakingly designed, super heavy gatefold jacket, printed with a super close up image of the bridge of a guitar, housed in a printed inner sleeve, and pressed on ultra heavy 180 gram vinyl. Review by Phil at Norman Records :: Visit their site here First up his week is a blinding LP by FEAR FALLS BURNING. This is numbered of 399 copies on grey vinyl and it’s a guitarry strummy drone fest for you. It builds and builds… all the while it creates a remarkable atmosphere and it doesn’t go where you’d expect at all. It’s described as a cross between Sunn O))) and Fripp/Eno.. There’s shades of My Bloody Valentine in the guitar fuzz. Not that this is for indie kids mind you! It’s not a million miles away from Sunn O))), Growing etc and all the other droney/doom tinged sods, albeit lighter in sound, feeling and texture. Really excellent album! Review by Ben Fleury-Steiner Gear Of Sand :: Visit their site here classic it....nice building, multi-directional wall of sound and the fractured melody ceaselessly churning beneath - like "roots" of the "tree" - FFB at his most trance-inducing best!