Artist: Kemialliset Ystävät
Title: Alkuhärkä
Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records
Format: LP
Catalog #: mt122a
Condition: new
Price: $15.00

Tracklist Samples
1 Sohjovyö
2 Antihistamiinimatkaaja
3 Hirvikärpästen hovissa
4 Kiimaniityn kutsu
5 Kuu kostaa
6 Gelsomiinan naama
7 Alkuhärkä
8 Savuava harmonia
9 Koirien kasvattama


Ed. of 500 copies  on 220 gram vinyl. KY's medieval ministrations make the Weird America movement seem like a furry load of Clay Aikens. This latest opus plots out like a secret musical map through a Bosch painting. It is not a horror show by any means. It is the sound of losing time and of losing bearings. A microverse full of familiar landmarks, populated by improbably strange shapes and beings. This could be Heaven; this could be Hell. Who are we to say which is weirder? What if Ilhan Mimaroglu traveled with Chaucer? What if Parmegianni was in the David Monroe Consort? What if In Gowan Ring got busy with Volcano The Bear? KY's psychedelic fusion of folk and musique concrete could almost be a sketch of the birth of music itself.