Artist: CJ Boyd
Title: Fleur du Mal
Label: Caiaphas
Catalog #: cjbofleu
Condition: new
Price: $5.00

Tracklist Samples
1 At the End of Breathe
2 Here's to Thanatos
3 And indded there will be time

BlRR Recommended! Original tour CDR that was to later be issued on BlRR in a slightly different mix.  "Music for the bacchanal, featuring Sarah Tyson, Erin Bradfield, Casey Kaufman, Carolyn Benedict on cello; Nat Baldwin on double bass; Jamie Hodgkin on piano; CJ on double bass, electric and acoustic bass guitars; Peter Matteson on trumpet; Enoch Porch on calimba, drum, singing bowl; and the whole ensemble on vocals. This orgy of sound is at the same time passionate and pensive, sensual and meditative."