Artist: Legendary Pink Dots
Title: Ancient Daze
Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records
Format: CD
Catalog #: mt120a
Condition: new
Price: $15.00

Tracklist Samples
1 Violence
2 Thursday Night Fever
3 O(ri)fice
4 The Chemical Playschool
5 Voices
6 Break Day
7 Only Dreaming
8 It Rots Your Liver
9 Phallus Dei
10 Game
11 Guess The Politician
12 Dolls' House
13 Louder After 6
14 Spaced Out
15 Amphitheatre
16 Candlelight or Fullbeam?
17 West Side Story (The Forgotten Version)
18 Odd


A collection of some of the earliest material recorded by the Legendary Pink Dots including three unreleased tracks. In 1980, the formation of The Legendary Pink Dots with Phil Knight & Edward Ka-Spel (together they have been the only immutable core of the band throughout its many line-up shifts)  burst onto the British underground scene with a handful of private cassette releases appearing in their first couple years. Even early on it was clear that LPD's electro-psychedelia, though in step with the zeitgeist of the era, was never fully in phase with any given trend or genre.  EKS' spare, somewhat mournful vocal delivery, paired with surreal, poignant lyrics, rich with imagery, driven home by a band that frequently sounded like acid on mushrooms, made LPD a truly acquired taste. That LPD still exist some 60+ official releases on (closer to 200 if you count collections and live recordings), is a testament both to the band's creative tenacity and to the increasing legions which have, in fact, acquired that rarified taste for LPD in the sky with diamonds. The group's minimalist aesthetic and use of electronics dovetailed nicely with the cold wave/post punk movements cropping up at the time, but also suggested something much deeper, much weirder and, in reality, not all that cold.